Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy School New Year!

Happy School New Year!

I mean, really?  Why isn't this celebrated?  In our society, we all pay for and benefit from public education.  We should be celebrating the 1st day back to school!  It isn't just about new clothes, cool lunchboxes, and a Spiderman backpack (ok, maybe a little).  It is a time for students, parents, and teachers to reevaluate, resume, and reset to a new year full of potential and huge growth gain.  

I just commented on a fellow blogger's post (@ChEdTN) and it got me thinking that teachers need to change our image.  Of course summer is awesome.  However, if school is full of amazing opportunities, hands-on learning challenges, and world-wide technology connections, shouldn't kids be lining up to get back in?

So I'm making some goals: 

1. Make my classroom a place that oozes excitement and allows inquiry so that kids can't wait to come back. 

2. Encourage everyone to say "Happy School New Year" and not long for the days of no alarm clock.

3. Use my new connections to invigorate my room, my school, and my parents so that they can't wait to come in and visit. 

I think I better stop there.  These are pretty lofty.  But I think with your help we can do this.  My kids deserve it and so do I.  Let's make this happen!  If it works out, it might be so successful that they make "Happy New School Year" Day a National Holiday. Wait...

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  1. I love this Maria!

    I continue to celebrate New Year every year in my classroom... this fall I will have to take it one step farther as I will be in the library:)

    If you can make #1 happen? Everything else will fall into place!

    Rock on... & oh yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Happy New School Year! I post these every year, just don't think of them as resolutions.:0

  3. Maria I love your passion and excitement
    I would offer one piece and advice / caution. I would reword my goals so that they are SMART goals small ,measurable etc...
    The key is to insure that the passion you have now you have on the first day and the 100th day
    Thanks again for sharing

  4. Awesome ideas. You could even have hats and blowers like we so on New Year's Eve! I love your enthusiasm!

  5. hey, ms. mayer? HAPPY NEW SCHOOL YEAR! #learningISwinning