Sunday, July 27, 2014


Oh, how I love the hash tag! It has become my new best friend.  Plus, I have what I like to think of as a "flair" for sarcasm and that little # can let me be as witty as I want to be.  Or at least I think so!  

On the other hand, it can motivate me.  

I recently became slightly obsessed with twitter chats.  I'm going to indulge it for a couple more weeks since I can play with my schedule right now.  I know once my alarm starts going off again at 5:00 a.m. my attendance will dip drastically.  For now though, these have become my new hangouts:

  • #ruraledchat (I'm not rural but they're awesome so they don't mind)
  • #satchatwc (I'm not West Coast but I do like to sleep in on Saturdays)
  • #sunchat
  • #NT2t (This time it does apply)
  • #slowchated
  • #caedchat (Wrong coast,I lurked it)
  • #nbtchat (No Box Thinking)
  • #weirded (Do it, and buy the book)
  • #whatisschool
And there are about a gazillion others.  I want to get in on #SCed but I just can't stop watching True Blood (even though it is really letting me down, but that is a whole other blog post).  

And here is the thing about all these chats... they are full of educators! Full of big ideas! Full of people who just want to live, laugh, and learn.  These are my people. And, today, I got motivated by this little # to do the 30 day blog challenge.  It's perfect timing because I just started it yesterday and the best way to make anything great is to make it. 

So, here we go. #Day1 #nopressure #Itsgonnabegreat #pleasefollow #andcomment 


  1. Part of the "issue" I have with Twitter is also the fantastic amount of information. Too many ideas to possible ever implement - WHERE TO START! UGH!!! Keep on keepin' on, girl. #wecandothis #30daychallenge

  2. I've been blogging since 2006, and lurking for an hour or two each weekend (or in the wee hours when a bout of insomnia hits) for a while, but THIS has been the summer when I've finally participated, and it has been a rush! The support, encouragement, kind challenges (much nicer than the obnoxious ones thrown into our laps at work), and idea sharing are all elements that keep me motivated. Keep on blogging, but keep on tweeting too!

  3. Maria
    i think you ake soe great points.
    I think twiiter is great and chats are amazing. they trully are ongoing PD. I think as someone said yesterday on twitter that a blog is a conversation and that is why commenting is so important.
    So as the previuos person wrote keep up both the tweeting and the blogging
    Thanks for participating

  4. It is hard to imagine a world where we can't #connect, #communicate, & #collaborate with like minded #educators:)

    Thanks for the reminder... I have stepped away from #chats only because I felt like I didn't have the time. I think, just like anything else, we need to make time.

    I am very excited to meet so many educators in the last few days... who want to learn & grow together.

    Here is to a #fantastic #30 #days!

  5. i support this endeavour. i <3 u. #tearitup #outloud #neverstoplearning #lovemeahashtag